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Creative Traveller Magazine.
Stop Press! This exciting new project is well underway.
The first issue is due out in the third quarter (Jul - Sep) 2017.
Be sure you have put in for your free digital subscription so you can keep track of progress and be the first to hear about upcoming giveaways, news and offers.



Colouring for Adults put to Good Use.
You can pick this one up from Amazon in hard copy format.
It also has a selection of fun drawing exercises.

How to draw with ABC You Can Draw.
This is an ebook set based on the hard copy manuals in print with a local publisher.
It sells online for a fraction of the publisher's price. The books are being rewritten now and the website is in for a much needed overhaul, but you are welcome to take a look. Anyone who purchases the books in 2017 will be gifted the new books as soon as they are published.

This is a very new space so keep watch for more images (such as you'd expect to see in a gallery) and a full comprehensive list of projects.
Right now I'm working on the exciting new magazine and will get back to this page in the blink of an eye!

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