Photoshop & Design

Photoshop & Design

From starter photograph to print ready file.

What can you expect to learn?

Dependent upon your required outcomes, we can cover many elements of image editing, photo retouching and design principles and elements, however a set of basic image techniques and design skills are the core lessons of this course.

Primary requirements you will need for this class are
▻ Your own laptop computer
▻ Adobe Photoshop Any version from the Creative Suite, a trial version or
the Creative Cloud

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing and design basics. Knowing how to use and work with Photoshop is vital for anyone who wants to work in Graphic Design and Web Development.

These techniques are a huge advantage when applying for a position as a contributor or content writer using an employer's content management system (CMS).

Design skills are highly regarded when applying for many positions in today's job market.

Register for this course
Register for this course

Onsite training is also available. Please email for further enquiries.

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Advanced classes specialising in either Design for websites and advertising or Photoshop mastery are available according to demand.